Mobility has fundamentally changed the way organizations do their business. Innovate industry models by leveraging the reach.

Far more than simply an emerging consumer channel, mobile capabilities are disrupting traditional business models, providing businesses with new sources of data and insight, and driving top- and bottom-line results. Organizations are currently in the midst of a new wave of mobile capabilities that can drastically reshape business models; drive increasing levels of employee productivity; and reinvent how customers learn about, interact with, and purchase goods and services.

There is little doubt that consumer adoption of mobile products and services is continuing to grow exponentially. Consumer adoption has become widespread and, from a corporate standpoint, mobility is vastly broadening its reach as well. The ability to access enterprise applications from non-traditional office settings holds the possibility to reinvent at a fundamental level how companies execute a range of activities – from sales and customer service to logistics and maintenance.

At the same time, mobility incorporates opportunities beyond the use of phones and tablets. Sensors built into wearable devices such as wristwatches and glasses and embedded in everything from cars to medical devices to thermostats will provide new sources of “big data” that can be harnessed to deliver more targeted products and services, as well as to create new sources of revenue.

Significant opportunities exist for companies to improve their mobile strategy development efforts, leverage mobility to reinvent business and operating models, and deliver more effective mobile IT processes and solutions.


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