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At TechnoIdentity, we’ll give you access to important problems and the freedom to solve them. If you want that kind of responsibility, then we want to work with you.

We hire and support passionate entry-level consultants. Graduates can take training courses, or develop their skills as a consultant in guided programs that aim for continuous learning and support in a safe-to-fail environment. Engineers build things that solve problems. You don’t have to be a computer scientist or have any particular degree to be an engineer. You just have to speak up when things aren’t right, evaluate ideas on their merits, and build things that fix what’s broken. At TechnoIdentity we’re all engineers, and we’re focused on solving the hard problems.

You may have heard that our interview process is tough. We’ve heard that too. Our process has been carefully designed so you can get to know us and vice versa. Meet warm and friendly people through out the process. We are just looking for like minded people who are passionate about software, learning and social impact.

Across all of our teams, the interview process starts with one or two phone interviews. These calls are conversational and typically last twenty minutes, with a focus on your prior experiences, domain knowledge, and personal interest in TechnoIdentity. We also leave time for you to ask us questions.

Once this is done we would want you to come to our office to meet our people and participate in a few interviews. Engineering interviews tend to include technical questions about data structures, algorithms, and software engineering. We might want you to write code in our environment to simulate a working experience for both of us.

We will try our best to decide fast.

Remember – We want you to succeed

Hiring @ TechnoIdentity

  • Telephonic conversation

  • In-person @ office

  • Code @ office

  • Hired!

If you’re ready to join a community of passionate technologists and build great software, email your resume to .

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